Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My favorite character - 1A Daichi@cuc

In SLAM DANK, there is a high school student called Sakuragi Hanamichi.
He is sixteen.But he is very tall at 189cm.
He start play basket ball at high school.
He is beginner, but he practice very head everyday.As a result, he becomes skillful rapidly.
He is the genius of effects .

My recommendation - satorn@OPU

My recommeodation is tantanmen.
It's very tasty.
It makes me hot!!
This pictuer is shirogoma's tantanmen.The dish is very big.
You should try it!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My winter plan-2A Tb22@cuc

Hi, I'm Tb22.
My winter plan is to take pictures of musashino-line train.
Musashino-line is very interesting, became many kind of trains to
I look see the train in year.
Also, A wonderful train is run in other as well in Chiba.
I'm very expectation.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Interesting News Rimi@su

Sony, Japanese electronics maker, has postponed launches of various products after flooding in Thailand.
Sony said it was delaying the launch of products including its NEX-7 camera and the Reflex Alpha 65 indefinitely.
The move comes to shut production at two of its three units in Thailand.
Sony's output was also hit earlier this year due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Interesting News herohero@su

The news which I was interested is selling  PlayStation Vita on November 17.
This machine  is sold by Sony Computer Entertainment.
The picuture which this handled game console show is more beautiful than any other picture which other handled game consoles show.
On a sale date, many people formed a line to buy this machine.
I think this machine is good ,but there are a few malfunction ,I think it is not good.

Interesting News. mastuhiror@su

My interesting news is Love Cake Project.
Love Cake Project support for  Republic of Kenya.
Love Cake Project sell whole cake void one piece,but 
equal sum of money.

Interesting news

December 18, it was announce that "Tokyo Sky Tree" has a system of prevention to fall snow. "Tokyo Sky Tree" will have been completed in May next year. This tower have a lot of special function, for example a measure of big earthquake. This prevention to fall snow is those of them.

Interesting News/ Ren@su


Let search "Let it snow" on Google. Then, it snows on display!

Recently, other command like this is found!

Let search "Hanukkah." Then, stars appear at the bottom of the search box!


Reference URL


Interesting News reko@su

I looked a total eclipse of the moon with my friends on December 10.
My friend's yan does not know it.
she heard about that moon.
And at the same time, she said "Are you delicious?"

Interesting News Br@su

Hi, I'm Br.

Do you know there is a dog which walks on two legs in China?

The dog has only two legs by nature.

It likes a kangaroo.

But it can walk and eat foods skillfully.

I think its interesting!

Interesting News minami@su

Recently, Playstation Vita was on sold. It's successon macine of Playstation Portable. Its special feature is operational feeling like smart phone. Of course playng game, we can enjoy movie, music, and twitter.

comic sho@su

I like comic magazin. I usually read sport comic and adolescence comic.

Above all I like "shoot". Now I read "shoot" everyday.

It is the thing drawn as a style focusing on the psychology of the boy of one person who yearns after a senior. 
It is not only cruel  of sports circles but also drawing the humanity through a sport.

Interesting News Rococo@su

Recentry, I heard the funny story.
It is Bud Diet(in japan).
The Diet has hard rule, we can eat only food in a day.
For example, we can eat a lot of ice creem on Monday.And we can't eat another food from morning till night.
This way is popular some girl.
Needless to say, it is too bad for helth.

Intersting News Azu@su

Recently, I am interested in the video that the cat is a dog's pillow.

I see it every day and am healed. Please see the video.


Intereting News SABO@su

Hi, I'm SABO. My interesting news is ONE PIESE after 2 years story. ONE PIESE is very exciting story. I want to know after 2years story every minute. This year I'm glad that I can read this story.

Interesting News ka-ko@su

AKB48 monopolize single song TOP5 a year in japan. I guess there no Japanese people not what to listen AKB48's song. Because AKB48 contributed to Economic effect in Japan this year. So, AKB48 made me get well.

Interesting news kayo@su

Hi! I'm kayo.
My interesting News is finals of FIFA Club World Cup.
I was aiding Santos.But Barcelona won by 4-0.
Barcelona was strong and nice.
It is mortifying. But this game was very interestining.

Interesting News mosu@su

Hello. I'm mosu. I am interested in an entertainer's marriage rushes these days. I am glad for everybody to look happy. I would also like to get happy married in the future.

Interesting News Tkko@su

Do you know " Madam butterfly "?

Madam butterfly is from Nagasaki , in Japan.

She was grown up as a Samurai ' daughter , and had had a proudness to her last moment.

On November in this year, Aoi Miyazaki played the part of her.

Her playing is fresh and fit my Madam Butterfly' image.

Interesting News K@su

Hi! I'm K.
My Interesting news is music!
Yesterday, I went to Yoyogi.
because yesterday NAOTO INTYRAIMI's Xmas party at yoyogi 1st hall.
it was very very interesting and joy!
I like NAOTO INTYRAIMI since 2years ago.
Xmas party is so great.
I want to once more!

Interesting News izumi@su

Milwaukee  Brewers win negotiating rights to Norichika Aoki.

Mr Aoki is a good average hitter.

He is the only player in Japanese professional baseball to have had two 200-hit seasons.

I expect that he will play active in MLB.


My favorite Character 1A Yushi@cuc

In Harry Potter there is a boy wizard called Harry.First series of Harry Potter started in 2001.Harry was 12 and now he is 22.He goes to masic school in 12.He has to take masic stick,text books,mant and owl in masic school.He made some good friends Ron and Harmaioni.They are good group.They fight Vorudemort.They beat Vorudemort and the world was peaceful.