Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My favorite character - 1A Daichi@cuc

In SLAM DANK, there is a high school student called Sakuragi Hanamichi.
He is sixteen.But he is very tall at 189cm.
He start play basket ball at high school.
He is beginner, but he practice very head everyday.As a result, he becomes skillful rapidly.
He is the genius of effects .


  1. Hi! I am John Phillip, a communication student of University of Southern Mindanao in Philippines.
    It's a pleasure for me to have my comments on this 'whole-new thing'. It's exciting! :)

  2. Good Day!hello! i am norjaima s kadatuan of Mlang North,Cotabato Philippines; currently studying bachelor of science in development communication here in Cabacan North,Cot. University of Southern Mindanao.

    :i love watching cartoons!vampires knight is what i love the most:)its all about two sets of student staying in one academy--the night class class for vampires; and day class for mortal human being.

  3. hi! I'm Marvi Jin Bryen p. Hinojales of University of Southern Mindanao in Philippines..
    So you fun of basketball huh..and you want to be like him?

  4. hello I'm Joie C. Estoya from the University of Southern Mindanao,situated in the Philippines.Taking up bachelor of Science in Development Communication.

    so you are saying that everything that you want is can be yours if you put a big effort on it??
    because skills is not enough for us to be successful.that's why time and effort is needed.

  5. Hi! I'm Marvi Jin Bryen P. Hinojales. I'm studying at University of Southern Mindanao taking up Bachelor of Science in Development Communication..
    So you are fun with basketball huh..and you want to be like him?

  6. Happy New Year!I'm Hijarah Didatar, a second year student taking BS in Development Communication at University of Southern Mindanao, Philippines.

    I believe on the saying that practice makes you skillful like what Sakuragi Hanamichi did. So, as a student I would practise more to strengthen my weaknesses to achieve my goals.

  7. Hi! I'm Christian Matullano from Philippines.I'm studying at the University of Southern Mindanao.
    Your statement says that behind every success there's a hardwork.

  8. hello, I'm Karen Claire R.Campollo from University of Southern Mindanao in the Philippines..
    I'm glad love basketball..
    I do love that game too..
    your lucky you had Sakuragi Hanamichi as your inspiration in becoming more skillful in that game..

  9. Hi! I'm Ruvey Mae Pagaran from Philippines, studying at the University of Southern Mindanao..

    Try your best to achieve your goal and Sakuragi Hanamichi did that that's why he became a very good player in basketball

  10. hi, i'm juneth,ofm usm philippines.
    this is my fav catoon show when i was young. until now. still want to wtch it!!

  11. Hanamichi Sakuragi, a neophyte in the basketball team of Shōhoku High School, is a very talented and skillful player even though he's always been called as trying hard. But he ignored all the criticisms and proved to all of them that he can do what he wants to be. And Akagi, the girl he dreams has been Sakuragi's Inspiration in playing the game though the girl likes his rival, Rukawa. hahaha.. so much for that i guess. I'm just fond of watching this movie like you do :)

    Jea Jacinto
    (development communication student @ USM)

  12. Hello! I'm Prescilla Jade Pacheco Sealza from University of Southern Mindanao in the Philippines.
    You know, I also want to play basketball as skillful as Sakuragi Hanamichi.
    But I'm not lucky to be a star player because I'm a clumsy girl. That's why until now, I'm still dreaming and hoping...
    Don't give up try to follow your favorite character.

  13. Hi,I'm ZCY.A student of CUC university.I still doing hard when I do every things.So I'm sure that If we do harder and harder ,we can have skifull raidly.


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