Sunday, October 30, 2011

My recommended food 2B-ZCY-@CUC

Hi'everyone.I'm ZCY.
I'going to introduce about my recommended food"Radish-slice and oyster"
Practice is very simple.A radish was cut into strips. Oyster about 250
grams.Put into the pot. I suggest that the salt taste. Becasue,it can
make fresh tasting.
It's very delicious.Let'try it.


  1. Hi, I'm Yumi.
    I like Radish-slice band oyster.
    It is very delicious.
    It is simple and that good cold day.
    And, good after this season.

  2. Hallo, I'm Atsushi.I'm a student at The Toyo Gakuen Universty. I dont know what radish's taset, because I have never had radish.but i like Oyster too.even so,law oyster is scary food poisoning.Thank you.

  3. Hello,ZCY.
    I'm Mitsuru.I'm Toyogakuen University student.
    I like oyster,but I have eaten fried oyster only.
    I want to eat "Radish-slice and oyster"
    Thank you for recommending.

  4. Hi! I'm Mayumi.
    Radish-slice and oyster looks delicious!
    Anything else? What do you cook a dishe?
    And,Can you ccok any Japanese food?
    I often cook Tamagoyaki.

  5. Hi!ZCY,I'm Honami.Radish-slice and oyster seems very delicious. I want to eat it!How long can it cook?

  6. Hi!ZCY,I'm Masaki.Radish-slice and oyster looks delicious!Do you cook Radish-slice and oyster? I want to eat it. Thank you recommending.

  7. Hi, I'm Tb22.
    I have never cooked, but Radish-slice and oyster sound great. So want to try cooking it.

  8. Hi, ZCY. I'm Kanako. I don't know Radish-slice and oyster. When do you eat it? I want to try it.

  9. Hi, ZCY. I'm Kazuhiro. It sounds very good. I am hungry now! Sorry, I don't know this food, but I try to cook this food.

  10. Hi,I'm Shohei. I have never heard of the food name, but it sounds good. So I want to eat Radish-slice and oyster!

  11. A pleasant afternoon to you ZCY. It seems that you really love cooking. Am I right? Is that your favorite recipe? By the way, I am Hijarah Didatar. I am studying at USM, Philippines. I love cooking, too. Next time I would like to try your radish-slice and oyster. Take care!


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