Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Eve 1A Yushi@cuc

My New Years Eve is very happy.I spend some good friends on a day.We ate Yakiniku in my house and We watched Gakitsuka.New Year at AM 01:00 We went to temple.It is my New Years Eve!


  1. Hello! Wow!How nice to hear your new year's eve moments. Me too, I'm also happy at that time together with my family and cousins in our house. By the way, I'm Hijarah, a student at USM, Philippines.

  2. Hello,Yushi@cuc
    I'm Yumi.This is nice picture.
    I like Gakituka. It's very interesting.
    Yamazaki is nice.You nise passed over new year.
    See you.

  3. Hi, I'm Kanako. Your post sounds good! Did you play any games? I spent New Year's Eve with my friends and I watched Gakitsuka too. We enjoyed it.

  4. Hi yushi. My name is Aya. I'm a student of Toyogakuen.
    You are New Year's Eve is very wonderful!
    I went to temple too. What temple did you go to?

  5. Hi, I'm Kana. A happy new year! The picture lools so fun! By the way, what did you wish in temple?


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