About This Project

Last Updated: October, 22, 2011

This blog has been created to exchange thoughts, ideas and information in English among EFL/ESL students from different universities around the world.

Note: Currently, this project is intended mainly for EFL/ESL learners at the university level, but we're considering covering language exchange between learners of EFL/ESL and learners of Japanese, and/or interactions in English focused on cultural exchange.

1. Each participant class creates a slideshow or movie, or any other kind of post to introduce its members, like these (1A2A & 2BVoiceThread version), for example. These posts need not be biographies or self-introductions. Feel free to think differently. This blog is open to the public, so be sure you do not to include students' personal information.

2. Students post their work and/or comments (assigned tasks).
  • Different classes do not have to do the same thing or create the same kind of materials: Work to be posted can vary from a simple text-based post created by each student to some multi-media work using Voki, Animoto or something else, created in a group. 
  • Teachers can choose to start by having students post comments, without creating their own blog entries. In this case, a class introduction post is not required.  
  • A range of topics will be listed in advance, and/or a particular topic will be suggested and shared between the teachers. At earlier stages, students may have a smaller audience, e.g. their classmates or students from only one other school. Teachers should be prepared for this, e.g., they might want to design some in-class activities to make full use of their work. 
  • Encourage students to interact with each other beyond those assigned tasks. We are now considering using related places like a facebook group, or Twitter.
Posting by email & Commenting by web (See How To)