Saturday, November 12, 2011

My recommend place - Sayaka@Togaku

My recommend place is the observation tower. It's located about 5 minutes from my home. The part under this tower becomes the general hall and there are a restaurant, a movie theater, an instrument shop, so you can enjoy it.

My fovorite place - Miyuki@Togaku

My interesting place is garden in my house. This is the orange tree. The orange is deliceous!

My favorite place is onthe local station Arcade Masaki Sato

My favorite place is onthe local station Arcade,because this Arcade is very beautiful illumination.I recommend this place.

Friday, November 11, 2011

My favorite place on campus-Kana@Togaku

This is my favorite place, media center. When I'm free, I watch You tube, listen music, and do homework.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ibaraki 2A fyu@CUC

My recommended place in Japan is Ibaraki.There is much nature in Ibaraki.
Mt. Tsukuba of Ibaraki is a recommendation.
Many monkeys can be seen in Mt. Tsukuba.

My recommended plate. 2B - charot@ cuc

I'm working part time in Gratche in family restaurant.
There are popular menu at restaurant. So, I'll introduce the most popular menu at Gratche.
Gratche is the Italian store. So, "Margherita pizza" and "Hamburg&sausage" is popular.
There are many other. Everybody please go!!!

My recomended cartoonist 2B - oda@cuc

My recommended cartoonist is Ai Yazawa.
My best her works are NANA and Tenshi nankajanai.
I want to read all of her works someday.
But she has rested.I want her to revive early.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I recommended artist. 2B-taka@cuc

 Hi, I'm taka. I'm two years which go Chiba University of Commerce frequently.
What I'm majoring in is a finance. 
 Do you like garls singer? I like AKB48 of a singer these days.
I would like to recommed you about AKB48 this time.
Especially a favorite person is "Mariko Shinoda."
She is tall and her hair is short.
Activity of the model is also carried out.
Please see activity of AKB48, if there is an opportunity.

My recommended is ramen Jiro 2A igka@CUC

My recommeded is ramen Jiro.
It is a recommeded ramen shop because a pice is quantity,of the ramen cheaply,or it is not to mention what it good,and there is many it.

Please answer these questions! - VoiceThread

Hi everyone. I'm Ms. Yamauchi@CUC. I've created a VoiceThread for you all to get to know each other. Just click on the link and you'll see the VoiceThread (like the figure below).
VoiceThread: Top
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My recommendation - kumi@OPU

Hi, I'm going to write about my favourite singer.

He is Hideaki Tokunaga.
Do you know him?
He sings gently.

You will be surprised at listening to his song.
"Is this voice really man's one?"

Please hear it.

my recommend shop in shibuya ;) 1A Sayuri@CUC

i recommend shop is "moussy" .
moussy is clothes shop.
moussy in shibuya 109.
moussy is so cool desigh.
moussy is very cute clerk.

My recommended manga 1A Daichi@CUC

I recommend Baki.
Baki is very grotesque.
But its interesting.
My favorite character is Mr anchain.
He is very strong.

My recommended comic. 1A SYOUYA@CUC

I recommended comic is medaka box.
medaka box is very interesting.
It's writer is good at playing with word.
Also medaka box's characters is individual.
Of all kumagawa is great character!!!

I recomend game 1A Yamada

I recomend game Pokemon.
It is enjoying adults and childlen.
First,It game sold 1996.
Up to now,many kind of Pokemon game sold.

My recomend game Pokemon 1A Yamada@CUC

I recomend game Pokemon.
It is enjoying adults and childlen.
First,It game sold 1996.
Up to now,many kind of Pokemon game sold.

my recommended manga 1a kenta ito

i recommend onepeace.
i like sanji.

smartphone 1A Shinichi

My recommend cellphone is smartphone.
Because, smartphone is very convenient and interesting.
In fact, I'm using the smartphone now.
The Internet of a smartphone is easy-to-use than conventional cellphone.
Also, user can enjoy a variety of applications.
So, I recommend smartphone.

My recommended movie - 1A Takuya @cuc

I reccomened STAR WARS
STAR WARS is very interest movie.
Director is Jeorge loocas.
I reccomend thrill actin scean in movie.
I like グリーバス将軍.

My recommended manga - 1A Tokai@cuc

I recommended manga Kaiji.
It is a story with a feeling of tension.
It is Nobuyuki Fukumoto's work.
He is called god.
Anime and a movie are interesting.

Monday, November 7, 2011

My favorite place on campus-Miyuki@Togaku

My favorite place is conversation lounge. I can eat lunch. So, I go to the sometimes.

My favorite place on campus-Mitsuru@togaku

My favorite place is School Cafeteria.I enjoy taking a lunch with my friends.

My favorite place on cumpus - Takahiro@Togaku

My favorite place on campus is fountain,because illminations lights are very beutiful of night, check it up;-)

My favourite place on campus -Yumi@Togaku.

It is lecture room, because, interesting place.

My favorite place on campus - izumi@Togaku

My favorite place is a student union, because I like my club, and it has my club's room.

My favorite place on campus-Masaki@Togaku

My favorite place is English lounge,because It's talking English with many teachers.So I go to English lounge twice a week.

My favorite place on campus-Honami@Togaku

This is my favorite place, because I sometimes use at lunch. The view is very beautiful.

My favorite place on campus- Shohei @Togaku

My favorite place is benches, because when I sit on bench I can relax!!

My favorite place on campus-Kanako@Togaku

This is library in campus. I read books, do my home work and watch DVDs. I can relax there.

My favorite place on campus-Sayaka@Togaku

My favorite place is library. I can relax there. Because there is quiet.

My favorite place on campus - Aya@Togaku

My favorite place is clear passage.Because I like view from this passage.

My favourite place oncampus. -Kazuhiro @Togaku

My favourite place is English lounge,because I can talk to many students and teachers.It's very fantastic time!

My favourite place on campus - Michael @ Togaku

This is my favourite place on campus. It is a classroom. It is a special classroom. It's a Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) classroom.

My recommended comics 2A Ryo

My name is Ryo
I am crazy about ONE PIECE
because a hot fight and a lot of moved to scene
so badly to a lot of reads everyone