Thursday, October 20, 2011

My recommended food SEI 2B@cuc

My recommended food is Huoguo. It is chinese style syapusyapu.
It is different with Japanese style. Its half is thin, another half is
very hot. Pork and beef are eaten in Japan. But in China, we often
eat mu

I like it so much. I often eat Huoguo with my friends on weekends.
So when I come back to China, I always buy spice about Huoguo.


  1. Oh! It sounds good, but sorry I have never eaten Chinese syabusyabu. I like Japanese Syabusyabu, so I will like Chinese syabusyabu. Please, tell me the best Chinese syabusyabu restaurant in Tokyo.

  2. Wow! you like chinese syabusyabu!! I like syabusyabu too. I've never heard chinese syabusyabu, I'd like to eat!
    By the way, you've got the wrong weords,"syapusyapu" is wrong, "syabusyabu" is correct;-)

  3. Oh!It's a dlicious. Where is eating Chinese syapusyapu restrant in Tokyo? I seem, it's food very hot. Actually Is it hot food? I want to eat it.

  4. Oh! It looks very hot, but I think very delicious. Is it hot? I want to eat chinese style syabusyabu.

  5. Oh! It looks very hot, but I think that it is very delicious. Is it hot? I want to eat chinese style syabusyabu.

  6. Hello.I'm Mitsuru.
    I like hot.I want to eat Hougou.
    How hot Hougou? What spice about Hougou?

  7. Hi, I'm oyu.
    Like Masaki I want know where we can eat Huoguo in Tokyo.
    I want try it someday!

  8. Hi, SEI. I'm Kanako. I read your blog. It looks very hot! Why it has two soup? I want to try it.

  9. Hello Sei, my name is Aya.This food is very red!Do you like hot food? I dont't like hot food.See you bye.

  10. Hi,I'm Sayaka.
    Sounds delicious!It is an innovative cooking.
    I know that dishes, but I have not eaten it.
    So I want to eat it this time.
    See you!

  11. Hi, I'm Yumi.
    I like hot. Because, so good this season.
    I want to eat this food.
    See you again.

  12. Hi,Oyu!I'm Masaki.
    Thank you,my comment reply.
    Where do you go to university?
    I'm Toyogakuen student.
    I know Huoguo in Tokyo.
    I want to try it someday.

  13. Hi,everyone,I'm so sorry to be late to answer. There are many Chinese restaurants in Toktyo. If you have time, you can go to North exit of Ikebukuro. Many Chinese restaurants have Huoguo.
    If you like hot good ,you can enjoy it with your friends and family.


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