Sunday, October 23, 2011

My recommended pet - Rabbit 2B Ya-a@CUC

His name is JoJo.
He came to my home in september.
At first, I don`t touch him.
But, I take to give him food.
I think that JoJo is lovely Rabbit.
His figure which is eating food is lovely.
In particular, His nose is very cute.
He is my family now.
See you!


  1. Oh, this rabbit is very pretty. I want to get cute animal.

  2. He is very cute!
    I belonged to the domestication club and taked care of five rabbits.

    Please love him long.

  3. Jojo is cute.
    what does he eat usually?
    Does he like a carrot?

  4. I think so,too.
    He is so cute!
    I want to touch him.

  5. Hello Ya-a. I'm Sayaka.
    Your family is so cute! I also had a rabbit.
    Your rabbit hair is blown. It's beautiful.
    What is JoJo's favorite food?

  6. Hi, Ya-a. I'm Kanako. Jojo is very cute rabbit. I like rabbits. Do you touch Jojo now? I want to touch him. I think his nose is lovely.

  7. Hi,Ya-a. I'm pop_f. I read your post. JoJo is very cute! I want to touch JoJo. What food do JoJo eat? and Which is JoJo's gender? male? female? Please tell me about it.

  8. Hi Ya-a. I'm Aya.Jojo is very cute! I like a rabbit. Why are you can't touch the rabbit?

  9. Hi,I'm Kana.Your rabit is very cute:) Why did you give the name "Jojo"? By any chance,did you like "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure"?

  10. Hi,Ya-a.
    I'm 1mika3.
    Your rabbit is very cute!
    I have dog, too.
    She name is Moko.
    Her eyes are very big, the same her nose.
    I want to play them together.

  11. Hi!Ya-a.
    I'm Masaki.
    Your rabbit is very cute!
    Why do you have rabbit?
    I never have pets,but I want to have pets.
    Thank you!

  12. Hi! I'm Lamp.
    Like Kana , I remembered " Jojo's Bizarre Adventure".
    Why did you name him JoJo?

  13. Hello.I'm Mitsuru.
    Jojo is very cute.
    I like rabbit.
    Have you other pet?

  14. Hi, I'm Shohei. Jojo is very cute. How much is his weight? I like rabbits. My friends has rabbits, she is very cute too!!

  15. He is so cute.
    I like him!!!

  16. hi, i'm Rizzi..
    i also love rabbits..
    they are so cute .. ♥


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