Saturday, November 5, 2011

Class Introduction - EL_1B@OPU

Hello, here is a class introduction slideshow from OPU. Nice to meet you all!


  1. Hello, Renarudo. I'm Kanako. I read your blog. I like cafes too. Have you ever been to Neko-cafe? I like it. If you like cats, you shold go there.

  2. Hi!!Kananini.
    I'm Masaki.I want to listen to your playing the viorin.
    When do you start playing the violin?
    I want to see your playing the viorin at Italy.
    Do your best.Thank you very much.

  3. Hi Satomi. I'm Kazuhiro. I like sweets too, and like making sweets. For example, gateau au chocolat and shuu cream. Can you make any sweets?

  4. Hi Satomi! I'm Mayumi. I like macha, too.
    But, I don't like macha. Do you like macha?
    and, Where did you eat?

  5. Hi! kananini,I'm Takahiro.
    You have a great violin! very nice;-)
    I love music, my favorite song is "Vivaldi" - The Four Seasons "Winter"
    I think this song is the best.
    What are you listening music?
    do you have recommend songs?

  6. Hi,Yu.I'm mitsuru.
    I study another foreign language,French.
    French is very difficult for me.How hard is it chinese?
    Good luck test.

  7. Hi, ayakasu@OPU.
    I'm Yumi.
    I like dog. Shiba is hardy and very cute.
    And, I like Pooh.
    Oh my Got!!! Pooh is eaten for Konta.
    See you.

  8. Hello Yu,my name is Aya.I study Chainese too.Chinese is very dificult.What do you think most dificult to study Chinese?

  9. Hi, cheb.
    I like piano too!
    I think Debussy's music harmony is so beautiful.
    I like that.Who do your favorite artist? My favorite artist is Bach.Finally, your pen is so cute.

  10. Hi, Rena.I'm 1mika3. Your pictuer is very cute! I'm work in cofee shop. So, I like cofee, too!

  11. Sorry. I was mistake.
    Hi Satomi! I'm Mayumi. I like macha, too.
    But, I don't like anko. Do you like anko?
    and, Where did you eat?

  12. Hi,yuki. I'm Shohei. I heve never been to foreign countries, so I want to go foreign countries too.What countries did you travel?

  13. Hello, Renarudo. I'm Honami. I enjoyed reading your introduction. I don't go cafe, but I like coffee. so, this picture's rabbit is very cute!!! I love rabbits. Do you like rabbits?

  14. Hello, agnip. I'm pop_f. I like to eat anything, so I feel happy when I'm eating foods too! What food each of Japanese, Western, and Chinese did you eat?

  15. Hi!Yu!
    I'm Tokko.I'm studing Chinese now, too.
    In December 11st, I will entory the Chinese speech contest of Soka University.
    I'll do my best!

  16. Hi, Ayasaku. My name is Azu.
    Your dog is sooooo cute:)I was cured with this picture. I expect that the pictuer of your dog will upload more.

  17. hello,rena. my name is meemo.
    I like to go to caffe too.
    This picture is so cute!
    I can't drink it!

  18. Hello,Yuki.I'm Mosu.I want to go to many countries too.Especially, I want to go to Korea,because I want to eat food and shopping! Where are you want to go travel?

  19. Hi,rena! I'm keiko.I like cafe too!
    Your picture is so cute!I want to go to your cafe.
    What do you draw on coffee?

  20. Hi,Akiho!
    My favorite restaurant is "BLUE GARDEN" at Harajuku. Although at Harajuku, it's very quite and beautiful place!!!Please check!

  21. Hi!kananini!
    I'm SABO!
    I played the clarinet in high school.
    But if I listen to violin's sound, I get sleepy each time.
    How long have you play the violin?

  22. Hi agnip. I am herohero. I like eating,too. My parents often cook and I like eat food which they make.

  23. Hello, agnip and pop_f!
    I'm mieee.
    I like eat to foods and I feel happy when I am eating foods too!
    Especially I feel happy when I am eating sweets.

  24. Hi,Mayumi.I'm Satomi.
    Thank you your comment.
    I also like bean jam.
    I eat macha sweets everywhere.
    For example, Tennoji,Namba,and Kyoto.
    Kyoto's macha is great!

  25. Hi,Masaki!
    Thank you for your comment.
    When I was 5 years old,I started to play the violin.
    I want to play the violin in the future:)

  26. Hi,Takahiro!
    Thank you for your comment.
    I like Vivaldi,too!
    And My favorite music for violin is `Zigeunerweisen'
    Do you know?;-)

  27. Hi,SABO!
    Thank you for your comment.
    Oh,you played the clarinet!
    I like the sound of clarinet.
    When I was 5 years old,I started to play the violin.

  28. Hi,Sayaka.
    Thank you for your comment!
    I'm sorry to reply too late.
    My favorite artist is Chopin.
    What Bach's composition have you ever played?


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