Topic areas
  • Daily life: School, Part-time job, Club, Friends, Family, Shopping, Eating, Pastimes, Hobbies
  • Events: Travel, Parties, Festivals, Concerts, Vacation; Memories, Plans 
  • Reviews: Books, Comics, Movies, Dramas, Songs, Music
  • News: Environment, Technology, Society, Health, Science, Politics, Entertainment
  • Other
Blogging activities around a topic (cf. About This Project
  • Assigned or spontaneous writing/commenting (examples) (the assigned task may be related to what has been/will be discussed in class) 
  • Part of course work (e.g. collective posting of some outcome, collective or individual posting of resources, etc)  
  • Organized discussions across schools (the teacher makes a post to open a discussion, and students are asked to join the discussion by posting comments)