How To


1. You need to join this blog as an author (or an admin if it is necessary) so that you can post an entry to start a topic, or to post a collective work done by students.  

(1) Contact us and give us your gmail address.
(2) We will invite you as an author.
(3) Check your Gmail inbox and accept the invitation.
(4) Done! Now you can access the blog dashboard and will find your gmail address listed as an author.

2. In principle, we allow students to post only by email and not by the web.

(a) We've set up a shared account (user ID = Common), linked to an address to which your students send an email. The emails sent to this address are automatically converted to a blog entry, marked as "posted by Common".

All you have to do is give this address to your students, and tell them they are going to to use a shared account. So please be sure to have them indicate their name and school in the subject line.

(b) You could set up a shared account for your class to use. If you choose this option, (1) you are going to set up "Mail to Blogger" address for the shared account, and (2) tell us this new shared gmail account so that we can invite this account as an author to the blog.

3. This blog is open to public, so students who don't have a google account can post a comment freely without login. They should access the blog on a computer (or a smartphone or an iPad).